In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream started, Bitcoin and a decentralized currency was born. By 2018, Bitcoin skyrocketed to USD 20,000, after a brief correction we have seen the price of bitcoin rise recently to over USD 60,000. Through the bitcoin journey, countless people have had to deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing out), FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), Massive wins, and huge losses. With a market cap currently sitting at USD 60,000+, it has undoubtedly made many people a lot richer. However, not all is peachy with Bitcoin, and is it really sustainable for the future?

This is a brief…


Secure your data with MFA the correct way

Multi-factor Authentication has been around for some years now and it is something that people, included myself don’t always move towards. We can see it as a hindrance to quick logins. But not all MFA is, some can be as simple as plugging in a USB-Device, or pressing approve on an app.

What is MFA

Multi-Factor Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is where you use a third party device/app to verify you so the app/website you are trying to log into knows that you are authorised to log in. This is important as there is a rise in data breaches with user credentials…


The world is changing rapidly, and our personal privacy online is disappearing fast. Every app and website these days seem to want something from us. As the saying goes ‘if you aren’t paying with money, you are paying with something’.

Companies are scraping every bit of data they can from us so that they can use it to sell their products to us or sell that data to the highest bidder. However, this is probably the best-case scenario, more and more companies that we thought were secure are getting breached and personal details are being sent around the internet. …


Creating a security-centric culture in the workplace

Ethics within the workplace is a sliding slope. It is something that can quickly fail is it is not correctly monitored and guided. Traditionally Ethics within a business is black and white, here are the things you can do and here are the things to avoid. However, this approach has never worked and will never work. Ethics is much more than a set of rules to follow, it is about human interaction and the consequences of their actions. Ethics relies heavily on context and because of that, we need to approach Security Ethics in the workplace in the same way.


Gain control of your security

When thinking about cybersecurity, personal or professional, it can get complicated fast. Terms can become confusing and next minute you are reading about data mining, wormholes, trojans, encryption standards, RSA, SSH, DOH, AES, DES, LMNOP, QRSTUV, WXY+Z. It is a fast spiral and can make you want to give up and feel that you might as well just email you information to hackers as they are going to get it anyway.

This is the main problem when approaching Cybersecurity, we all know that we need to up our game, implement better passwords, encrypt our hard drives, use VPNs, but it…


The future of private DNS is here!

Changing your DNS provider is a great easy step to upgrading your privacy and security settings on the internet. Since the beginning of the internet, DNS has been the biggest weakness in our network security. DNS has always been communicated through plain test, which means that anyone watching the network can read this traffic. Recently at the end of 2020, Cloudflare released support for ODOH (Oblivious DNS over HTTPS), this is the latest attempt to secure our DNS traffic.

There have been many additions to the Standard DNS protocol to increase its security. These include DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS), DoT (DNS-over-TLS) and…

Technology has the potential to suck the privacy right out from under us without us even knowing. Technology and services have been designed in a way that we do not even know what data companies have on us, unless we go digging, which we never will. There needs to be a point where transparency and privacy standards need be set and enforced.

Technology has such a presence and a power to so much good in the world. Our interconnectedness and the convenience that it provides allows us to learn faster than ever before, but at what cost? There has been…


You will be hacked if you don’t have a VPN

This is something that I have wanted to talk about for a while now. It’s what I would consider the dangerous VPN culture. I have nothing against VPNs, or most of the providers out there. I believe that VPNs are a great tool to use for privacy and security, in fact it’s in my article about the top 5 ways to secure yourself online. However, I do want to address the current marketing and culture surrounding VPNs.

Since the pandemic and people working from home, along with the ever increasing amount of data breaches and general cyber-attacks, VPNs have become…

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